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Community Development Initiatives

The Madikwe Game Reserve boasts great beauty and splendour, however it is a place that is still surrounded with poverty. In the late 1980’s the government decided to alleviate poverty in the area. A land feasibility study was completed and it was decided that the best way of utilizing this land was to establish a game reserve, which was officially opened in 1991.

This opened doors to so many people and was very beneficial to the local communities in the surrounding areas. As the safari lodges were built, new work and employment opportunities arose. As Madikwe mainly employs people from the local surrounding villages, job opportunities increased. Education and specialisation was the order of the day and lives were improved. Yet one can never help enough.

Madikwe Hills is very proud to play a prominent, active role in the upliftment of the local communities around Madikwe Game Reserve. Madikwe Hills supports Bopa Monyetla, a Non-Profit Organisation.Bopa Monyetla means “Creating Opportunities”.

At Bopa Monyetla our hope is to gain the understanding, endorsement and support from the local communities for conservation measures within the Game Reserve. We want to provide education and training to enhance the skills sets of the youth and adults in the area.

From Supingstad in the West to Derdepoort in the North, as well as the villages along the Eastern border of Madikwe Game Reserve – Madikwe Hills has been creating opportunities for unemployed adults by supporting Bopa Monyetla’s Rhino Soft Toy Project.


If you at all feel the need to take part in our quest to make a difference please feel free to make payments into the account listed below. Should you like more information on how you can help this community please contact Hannes hannes@madikwehills.com or Ezelle ezelle@madikwehills.com.

Once a deposit has been made, please send us an email with the following details – in order for us to keep record and thank you for your contribution:

• Name & Surname
• Email address
• Date of deposit
• Amount deposited
• Reference on bank statement

Please mail this info to Hannes or Ezelle (details above), and should you prefer us to buy something specific for the project, please also state this on the email.

Thank you in advance for your support!

Madikwe Hills Banking Details

Account NameMadikwe Hills Partnership
Branch Code331 155
Account Number4058805006
ReferenceYour name and “Donation”