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Wild dog kill on video.

By Jaco on January 16, 2010

Astonishing footage!!!Not for sensitive viewers!!!

This video is as raw as it gets and it illustrates the reality of the bush. Here our pack of wild dogs pulls down a immature wildebeest and consumes him within a few minutes.

This video is not recommended for sensitive viewers because of the graphic content…


3 thoughts on “Wild dog kill on video.

  1. Hi Jaco, we have never seen such a great video . You might remenber, the wild dogs where the only secies you have not shown us, so i hope oyu will do this when we are back in August this year…Really great show my friend.

  2. Jaco, a great sighting. Interesting that some of the dogs sat on the side looking on – will ask you when I next see you

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