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Which member of the Big 5 are you?

By Madikwe Hills on April 30, 2020

How Would You Describe Yourself?

Your favourite meal time is...

What's Your Take on Family?

Pick a life motto

At work, I'm...

What's Your Favourite movie?

Pick Your Perfect Date

Describe your perfect Sunday

What's Your Strongest Sense?

If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

Which member of the Big 5 are you?

Like the elephant, you are social, family-orientated, and have an incredible memory. You are a natural-born leader and often find people seek your opinion and approval.

Rawr! Much like the king of the jungle, you are an energetic social butterfly. You are strong and well-liked but also respected among your peers.

Hello, leopards! Although you often take a backseat and prefer some 'you-time', you are happy to branch out from time to time and do some exploring. Much like the leopard, quiet, downtime is your happy place but when pushed, you are strong and agile.
Cape Buffalo

If you are most like the buffalo, congratulations, you are known for your diligence, decisiveness, and strength.

If the rhino is your spirit animal, watch out world! Much like these thick-skinned mammals, you take life with a pinch of salt and don't allow much to get you down. The rhino is typically associated with peace and power as well as ease of solitude.

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