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Africa’s Super Seven

By Madikwe Hills on May 29, 2023
The most sought after animals to see on safari in Southern Africa.

Experience a South Africa Super Seven Safari

Have you ventured beyond the renowned Big Five? Introducing the Super Seven!

This exclusive group comprises the most coveted species to encounter on a thrilling South African safari. Prepare to be mesmerized by the majestic lion, mighty elephant, awe-inspiring rhino, formidable buffalo, elusive leopard, lightning-fast cheetah and endangered wild dogs.

Immerse yourself in the extraordinary wildlife encounters with our diverse range of tailor-made packages. At Madikwe Hills, we offer unforgettable safari experiences designed to unveil the wonders of the Africa Super Seven.

Prepare for a journey of a lifetime and create cherished memories in the heart of the untamed wilderness.

The Best Place to see Africa’s Super Seven

Home to all members of the Super Seven, Madikwe Game Reserve is a fantastic destination for a safari to see South Africa’s Super Seven.

The reserve has a healthy elephant population, seen on almost every drive. Lions are often spotted on night drives, but are also found lazing around in the shade of a tree during the day. Rhino and buffalo are also commonly seen and leopard are the most elusive of the Super Seven to find.

The famous Madikwe wild dogs (also known as painted wolves) are one of the most endangered animals in Africa and a delight to see on safari at Madikwe Hills. Cheetah are also present in Madikwe and we hope you have the good fortune to spot them during your time on safari.

Madikwe Game Reserve, known for being the abode of the Super Seven, offers an exceptional safari experience for those seeking an encounter with South Africa’s most sought-after wildlife.

Within the reserve, an abundance of elephants can be seen on almost every drive, while lions can be observed both during nocturnal excursions and leisurely basking beneath the shelter of shady trees. The elusive leopard, considered the most challenging to spot among the Super Seven, occasionally reveals itself to fortunate visitors.

Additionally, Madikwe boasts the presence of the renowned wild dogs, a highly endangered species also known as painted wolves, whose appearance on safari is a true delight. With cheetahs also inhabiting the reserve, we hope you will have the incredible opportunity to witness their grace during your safari experience.

To make the most of your visit, we recommend planning your trip between May and October, coinciding with the cool and dry season when wildlife sightings are at their prime.


Super Seven – lion, leopard, rhino, buffalo, elephant, cheetah & wild dog.

Luxury lodge in the heart of the reserve.

Family-friendly options for those with small children.

Game drives in an open game viewing vehicle with a personal guide.

Easily accessible from O. R. Tambo International.

Combines well with trips to Kruger and Cape Town.

Other Destinations for a South Africa Super Seven Safari

The Super Seven can also be found in the private reserves around Kruger National Park. Our sister properties – Kings Camp in the Timbavati Private Nature Reserve and Leopard Hills in the Sabi Sand Game Reserve offer other excellent options for a wildlife safari to see the Super Seven.

These can be combined with a stay at Madikwe Hills for the ultimate experience of South Africa’s wildlife reserves.

Book your stay at Madikwe Hills

Use our website to book your ideal safari and relax in the wilderness in Madikwe Game Reserve. We offer a selection of packages to make your stay the best it can be.

Take a look at our rates and make use of the quick and seamless online booking process and start planning your ideal vacation today.

At a glance

  • Relaxing safari in Madikwe Game Reserve.
  • Exclusive game viewing of Big 5 plus cheetah and wild dog.
  • Personally guided game drives with a professional guide.

If you’re interested in inquiring about a South Africa Super Seven safari to Madikwe Game Reserve, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly reservations team directly at or use our online booking system.

We look forward to welcoming you.


Image and video credits: Ivan Ueckermann 


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