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Answer to Spot the Leopard!

By Jaco on September 16, 2010

Lets see who got it right…

I have to admit it was a very difficult one but if you got it congratulations. This picture illustrates at how effective a leopard’s camouflage really is.

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2 thoughts on “Answer to Spot the Leopard!

  1. Carol and I always believed that there was a leopard at Madikwe even though we didn’t see it – I must admit we were certainly glad when you and Samuel returned to the vehicle when you had followed its tracks on foot! Not seeing the leopard did not detract from the amazing time we had with you and all the Madikwe staff. You taught us so much about your beloved Africa – not only the animals but also the flora and the insect life. We have left part of our souls in your beautiful country – thank you so much for a truly amazing time. Keep up the good work of protecting such a precious part of our planet.

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