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“bush babies”

By Werner on December 27, 2008

It’s definitely the season for seeing baby animals in the bush.

It was quite comical to watch this young Zebra scratching his itch.
<%LightBox2(38/Baby_Zebra.jpg|Baby Zebra|Photo Group 1)%>

<%LightBox2(38/Red_Hartebeest_calf.jpg|Red Hartebeest calf|Photo Group 1)%> <%LightBox2(38/Wildebeest_calf.jpg|Baby Wildebeest|Photo Group 1)%> <%LightBox2(38/Baby_Ellie_2.jpg|Baby Ellie|Photo Group 1)%><%LightBox2(38/Baby_Jackal.jpg|Image Title|Photo Group 1)%> <%LightBox2(38/Baby_Spotty.jpg|baby Spotty|Photo Group 1)%>

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