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First rains in Madikwe

By ezelle on October 12, 2012

Our first rain for the season fell yesterday! It started with a bang, literally. Lightning struck between two of our neighbouring lodges causing the start of a fire. As always, the Madikwe family stood together like one and the fire was put out in a matter of minutes! Another fire started closer to the Eastern Airstrip, but the rain took care of that one!

We had approximately 12mm of rain since yesterday afternoon until this morning. 12mm is not a lot of rain, however it is wonderful to start a new day with the fresh smell of a ?clean washed? earth surrounding you. Knowing that the dust has settled awakens the anticipation for the green shoots to make their appearance all over the bush in the following days?

One thought on “First rains in Madikwe

  1. Hi Ezelle
    I have to say, it is most probably the best way of waking up. The wet smell of the bushveld, the wet soil and grass that gives off that fresh aroma of new life! We are so blessed to live in the environment that we are living in.

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