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Good bye Big Boys

By Jacques on November 15, 2011

Our two big male Lions Dithaba and Sipedi has past away after recent fights with the Linyalo males(Wedding Boys). They succumb to their wounds.

Dithaba Sipedi(Two Mountains) was the dominant male Lions in the eastern side of the park for the past 6 years. If you have ever been to Madikwe you would have seen these two magnificent males. They were the personification of dominant male Lions. They had the biggest territory in the park, fighting of all the attempt’s of other males to come into the territory and kill their cubs and take their females.

They were 11 years old when they past, almost 12. They were old males and we expected them not to last much longer. Male Lions lifespan is normally about 13 years.

The Linyalo(Wedding Boys) males that came in to the territory and fought with them was not only younger and fitter but also out numbered them. They are three young and strong males. They fought with Dithaba and Sipedi when they were not together, witch also counted in their favor. Dithaba Sipedi has beaten up and killed their fare share of other male Lions when they were in their prime. But like everything, age takes it toll.

It is a sad day for us as we have built up a relationship with these beautiful animals. We have watched them suitor lots of females and father lots of cubs. It is an end of an era, but a start of an exciting new one.

R.I.P Dithaba Sipedi. We will miss your 5 o’clock wake up calls.

6 thoughts on “Good bye Big Boys

  1. do you have some photos of them when they were in their prime. I have been to madikwe many times and remember the name but would love to see their pictures one last time

  2. after your news I have watched the slides I took at Madikwe 2 years ago so I could see them in quite a few pictures : you are right it is sad but this is the wheel of life and I am sure that the new challange with the Linyalo will be exciting
    anna from Italy
    ps I hope you will post some pictures of them soon

  3. Very sad – I will never forget seeing them kill that Wildebeast very early one morning about 2 years ago – they were magnificent animals

  4. Me and my wife visited Madikwe in September. What a experience the Saterday morning when we saw them, and if not enough they roared beautifully next to us.Out of a human perspective it seems unfair, but we wont understand natures circle of live.

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