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Good day Madikwe hills weblog Family

By Dwayne on December 10, 2012

I was asked to be part of this project ?Mfeloe Early learning Centre?.

This project started in January 2009, I was asked to be part of this project by Ezelle, our Assistant Lodge Manager. Since then I don?t look back; it is such a privilege to be part of a team of people that just only care about nature, but also about the local community as well. Especially the children, they are the future of our heritage. Let?s all face it, it is all good that I can blog and share the beautiful photos of the animals we see on drive. So if we don?t look after our children who will look after our animals.
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This is the Mfoloe Early learning centre, a safe and educational point for the young kids of Molatedi village. The set up does not look like much but the teacher is doing her best.
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Myself and some of the Madikwe Hills staff arrived at the Preschool to come and say hi to the kids and spoil them with a small treat.
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had such a welcoming by the kids! Those little faces, that image are still in my head ?til today.
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We got out of the vehicle and started to greet the kids, as you can see with Samuel my tracker. They were so friendly and happy; it was so heartfelt for me while noticing that even when there is not much, there is always a smile on those little faces.
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The classroom was empty but warming, like any preschool a toy or two lying around.
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And can you believe that Winnie the Pooh and Tigger will be seen in a preschool in the Bush?
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After looking at the school we had some fun just like Bongani knows best, with the drums of course!
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Oh no Bongani, this is a really eager group of kids you will have your hands full. There is no time to teach us we can teach you! You just hit it like this!
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But let?s give it to Bongi, he is determined and went through the whole class giving episode while having each child?s attention. Well done Bongani, well done!
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They are so into learning! Just look at the concentration on those little faces.
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It was time for all to play their drums, ? the make or break? for Bongani. It started well, but after the first ?doemmm? it was just too much fun to stop, trying their utmost best to keep up with Bongani?s beat. What do you expect from a 2 to 3 year old child? ?If I can play the beat, who is going to stop me from playing the beat?.??
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Samuel and myself getting down to the height of the action.
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I had the privilege to hand out the little packets of sweets that we at the Lodge made up for them. I was so lucky. ?l have to say that I am really grateful that it would not be me that would be around, but it would be Stella, the teacher, who would be around when that sugar rush kicks in!?
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Just like any kid, it is always better to investigate what your friend got.
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The staff and I had a chance to sing our national anthem with them. I got goose bumps.
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Just would like to say thanks to the staff that went along from the left Bongani, Stella (the teacher), Refilwe (waitress), Isaac (waiter), David (waiter), Samuel (my tracker), Dwayne (me), Emmah (chef) and Sophy (chef).
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Please do remember that we could make a difference in the lives of these little hands.
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A bush regards
Photos taken by Greg Toples

2 thoughts on “Good day Madikwe hills weblog Family

  1. This is very nice. Tell Ezelle to remember me about the project so I can make my cotribution too. I realy have a lot of classroom aparatus that can help them to make their classroom more "user friendly". Looks like a fine project. Keep up with the good work.

  2. Hi Marietjie

    Thanks ill let Ezelle know i am just on leave but the moment i am back ill let her know.

    Merry christmas to you and your Family.


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