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Leopard spotted by Johannes

By Vicky R on June 28, 2008

Whilst looking for Wild Dog our awesome tracker Johannes spotted this magnificent Leopard…

It is difficult to describe the feeling of seeing a Leopard up close in its natural environment. I was thrilled that this usually timid animal stayed stationary for almost an hour.

We had been tracking Wild Dog when Johannes spotted the Leopard which was camoflagued by the bushes. For a few minutes we couldn’t actually see it as it blended in to the long grass.

As we were about to move off the Wild Dogs arrived about 14 of them in total. They were covered in blood after having killed an Impala. We knew it was an Impala because the leg in the dog’s mouth was clearly recognisable – you could see the black marks against the light coloured fur.

As the Wild Dog surrounded the jeep on their journey past us two Brown Hyena decided to try and get in on the action and steal some of the Impala left overs. It was amazing to see a stand off between a Wild Dog and a Brown Hyena. The Hyena’s fur stood out on its ends – it looked like a big spikey ball.

What a game drive!

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