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Life of a guide

By Barend on January 30, 2012

I’ll be doing a series over the next couple of weeks, to give better insight into the life of a guide, starting of with, ‘a typical day as guide’

My day start at 04:45, when coffee is being brewed and everything is being set out for early morning coffee in the main lodge. At 05:00, those going out on the morning game drive, will get a friendly ‘GOOD MORNING’ over the phone from me (I sometimes do get funny responses…)

After having a cup of coffee/tea and a muffin, the game drive departs around 05:30. For the next 3 to 4 hours, I’ll be trying my absolute best to fullfil the guest’s wish lists. So, returning anything between 08:30 and 09:30 (sometimes later depending on how good or difficult the sightings have been), its breakfast time.

Between morning game drive and the afternoon game drive, we might get some time to relax. All dependning on how many people are checking in and out. There are those dreaded days where you have to go the the airstrip twice, and have people driving themselves that check in and out, giving you no time off. There are also those nice days that you have time free from after morning game drive till high tea in the afternoon at 16:00.

Game drive usually leave around 16:30, and will return anything between 20:00 and 20:30, sometimes later if following predators on the move (in which case I’m the chef’s favourite person, NOT 😉

Around dinner, the days happenings will be discussed, and it is the perfect oppertunity for guest and guide to get to know each other better! It is also often where lasting friendships are made between guests!!

Depending on how good the wine and company are, bedtime is sometimes well after 23:00, not leaving much time before my alarm start shouting at me at 04:00!! This will leave guides with an average working day of about 12 hours.

Next week, will have a look at, what actually happens on a game drive, from the guides perspective!

2 thoughts on “Life of a guide

  1. We know what long days you have. Those 4am wake ups are grueling, and then to have to a charming dinner host! Your profession is to be commended for all the gracious attention you give guests. We LOVE it!
    (and the wine and amarula!) 🙂
    Joy, Camarillo, Ca

  2. Barend the video will be on its way tomorrow. Home now but wishing we could be out all day with you again. Thank ou so much for all the tracking lessons

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