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Lilac Breasted Roller

By Sazzle on August 28, 2008

Hope this works. I need to find out what the birds and animals are all called that I photographed, any suggestions for websites?


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4 thoughts on “Lilac Breasted Roller

  1. Hi Sara,
    You did a fantastic job with your very first post. You have resized your image to the perfect size, which I am pleased about and your Bird shot is simply brilliant!
    As the administrator of this weblog, I only made the following two minor modifications/improvements:
    1) I removed the first image code snippet that you had in the "Intro" field. The one in the "Body" text field is perfect. To add more images, just repeat the process. Please don’t add images to the Intro of your article, as it takes too much space on the landing page and the fancy image gallery application only works from the Body field.
    2) I changed the category from the default (General) to "Guest Experiences".
    So you are ready to post away… We look forward to more of your images and stories about your experiences at Madikwe Hills.
    I am sure one of the rangers or our subscribers will be able to help with the Bird names or a website which you can use.
    Added later: I only saw Andrew’s comment and offer to help after I had posted this. Thanks Andrew. You can add the name of the Bird to your image by editing your article (click on "Edit Item") and replacing the words "Image Title" in the image code with a title for your image. Please don’t delete the vertical lines in the code though.

  2. Hey Sara. Nice to see you here. First of all, AWESOME picture!!! Here is a link you can try to identify your bird picks with.

    If you struggle just post them and we’ll identify them for you. We understand that it’s not so easy to identify SA birds all the way from the UK. 🙂

    Looking forward to see more picks.


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