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Lions digging for warthog!!!

By Jaco on July 9, 2011

One lucky warthog!

One afternoon we were looking for the lions and eventually found them. We saw that they were busy digging in the ground for something. Upon closer inspection we saw that they were trying to get a warthog out of its burrow. Everybody helped and even the cubs contributed, until they got bored. Eventually they gave up and moved on, leaving one very nervous and very lucky warthog safe in his burrow.

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One thought on “Lions digging for warthog!!!

  1. I love receiving the Madikwe updates,,,so entertaining…reminds me of the wonderful experience my family and I had visiting last August!I really appreciate having this window to see recent animal sightings! Very lucky warthog- very funny lions digging! Thank you Jaco. Warm regards to all esp, Jaques, Victor and Hannes

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