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Naledi Lions

By Pieter on July 24, 2008

Late afternoon, after a long search, we finally got them.

Here is the Naledi male and two of the Mosela Sela females.

<%LightBox2(27/Naledi__s_and_Mosela_Pride/Naledi_Flemmin.JPG|Naledi Male|Photo Group 1)%><%LightBox2(27/Naledi__s_and_Mosela_Pride/Mosella_Female.JPG|Mosela Female|Photo Group 1)%>
<%LightBox2(27/Naledi__s_and_Mosela_Pride/Mosela___Kwena.JPG|Mosela & Kwena Females|Photo Group 1)%><%LightBox2(27/Naledi__s_and_Mosela_Pride/Naledi_walking_over_2.JPG|Naledi Male|Photo Group 1)%>

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