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Nerves of steel.

By Werner on September 2, 2008

To be a tracker you need nerves of steel.

To be a tracker you need nerves of steel. The pictures say it all…

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4 thoughts on “Nerves of steel.

  1. Say hi to Hendrick, rather him than me at the front!
    Oh to be back in Madikwe, guess what, its 12 degrees windy and raining here in the UK, just for a change! : (

    Will have to visit again soon!
    In the mean time am trying to find some time to go through my photos and videos, great memories! : )

  2. Hello there,

    Over here our seasons has changed. We’ve had a few days of 35’C already. So enjoy the cooler weather over there.

    I’ll give Hendrik your regards,


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