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Newly released Cheetah

By markpettman on February 4, 2013


One last picture from our pre-Christmas trip. We were lucky enough to be in Madikwe when 2 cheetah from Pindah were released from the boma.

This was taken the day that they were released and feasted on a pre-prepared impala. Beautiful animals.

Do keep us updated on their progress! Hope all is well

3 thoughts on “Newly released Cheetah

  1. My favorite cat! Laura Marker in Namibia is working hard to preserve the Cheetah. With only about 20,000 world wide, we need to protect and preserve this beautiful, intelligent species. Hopefully the use of the Anatolian Sheep Dogs on local farms will increase the cheetah survival chances by protecting the herds and letting the cheetah go after wild game. Joy in Camarillo CA

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