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Rhino and Lion interaction

By Pieter on October 27, 2008

Two of the big 5 in one sighting.

On this mornings drive we found two white rhino bulls grazing next to a watering hole. As we left the sighting we came across two male lions approaching the in the same direction where the rhinos were. Anticipating some interaction between the rhino’s and the lions, we returned to the water and waited for the lions to arrive, they approached, had their drink of water and laid in the shade of a tree next to the feeding rhino’s.

<%LightBox2(27/Rhino_and_Lions/DPP_0103.JPG|Bulaya Male|Photo Group 1)%><%LightBox2(27/Rhino_and_Lions/DPP_0102.JPG|Rhino and Lion|Photo Group 1)%><%LightBox2(27/Rhino_and_Lions/DPP_0104.JPG|White Rhino|Photo Group 1)%>

2 thoughts on “Rhino and Lion interaction

  1. Hi Gary, nice to hear from you again. Things are going great here in Madikwe. Sightings are good and it is steadily getting green as well.

    Hope to hear from your travels soon!

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