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Etiquette on Safari

By Madikwe Hills on March 11, 2022
Do’s and don’ts for time spent in the bush.

Before heading into the wilderness of South Africa, there are a few do’s and don’ts you should know about. As part of a reserve protecting the flora and fauna of Madikwe, it is of utmost importance that we respect the natural surroundings and the wildlife which inhabit it.

Here are our top tips when visiting game reserves and national parks in South Africa.

Our Guidelines

Don’t feed wild animals

Whether at the lodge, in your suite or on a game drive, never approach or attempt to feed wildlife.

Don’t run.

If you bump into something unexpectedly and you are not with a guide, try to stay calm and slowly make your way back to the central lodge or your suite.

Listen to the safety talk.

Before any activity, your guide will likely give you a quick safety talk before heading out. Listen to what they have to say so that you and the guests around you have the best and safest possible experience.

Pack enclosed shoes.

Madikwe Hills Safari Lodge is home to plenty of creepy crawlies and while they usually tend to stay away from well trodden areas around the lodge and along walkways – closed walking shoes (plus socks and long pants, when the weather allows) will better protect you from any nasty insects, scorpions or spiders you might come across during your stay.

Remember your guide is the expert.

Our guiding team at Madikwe Hills are incredibly experienced and have sound knowledge about the bush. It it important to remember they are the experts on game drive. Respect their judgement about approaching situations, follow their advice and ask them plenty ofquestions.

Talk quietly on game drives.

Communication is a key part of any successful game drive, between you and your guide as well as your fellow travellers. Take your cues from your ranger and tracker and speak softly – especially when the vehicle is switched off at a wildlife sighting.

Only smoke in designated areas.

Depending on the time of year, the bush can be extremely dry and ignite easily so smoking on game drive is usually not permitted. An uncontrolled fire can kill many animals and destroy hectares of habitat. If you smoke in camp, be sure to put out your cigarette completely in a designated place.

Don’t sleep outside.

While your private deck and sun loungers might seem like an inviting place to sleep under the stars, please don’t. Aside from the mosquitos, insects, spiders and snakes, the wildlife in the immediate area around the camp is completely wild and potentially very dangerous.

For more advice or information, get in touch with our friendly reservations team via email at or fill in our contact form here. We look forward to helping you plan your ultimate safari to Madikwe Hills.

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