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Some beautiful photos, from Piet du Plessis

By Dwayne on October 15, 2012

Hi everyone I would just like to thanks Piet du Plessis for the photos.

Hi everyone unfortunately I did not do drives this past week so I haven?t been out there to catch that moment on the camera. That thing! Called the office or paper work must be done as well. I was so happy when Piet du Plessis gave me these photos that were taken in Madikwe game reserve wail staying at us.
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We will chat again
Photos taken by Piet du Plessis

7 thoughts on “Some beautiful photos, from Piet du Plessis

  1. Hi David

    Not to rush, we will be waiting every day to see if there is a photo or two from you. If I look at that jackal photo I know that we are in for a treat.

    Bush regards

  2. Pitt, what nice pictures!!

    you are making my husband – a non professional photographer -sick with envy…

  3. Dwayne,
    Not sure about everyone else but from a Mac computer trying to upload pictures is really painful. Is there anyway you can give me an idiots guide on this??

  4. Morning David

    This is my email address send me a email, that I can hear by our I.T guys what could be the problem also send me in writing how you are post photos on the blog and i can see if there is a step you are doing incorrect. Or is it my direction, step by step that maybe the problem. I?ll try my best to help you and see if we can make it easier for the mac pc users.
    Thanks for letting me know I hope we can short this problem out so that you can share with us your photos.

    Bush regards

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