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Some extraordinary sightings on our second visit. (3 nights)

By Rika on March 18, 2009

Not everyday you see a lion killing a zebra (well done Werner), a mozambique spitting cobra (bravo Jaco) or a pangolin (go Sam!). Vic, you have to look out!

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3 thoughts on “Some extraordinary sightings on our second visit. (3 nights)

  1. Nicely done Rika. You guys had awesome sightings and that just in 3 days. (Pitty we didn’t get pictures of the black rhinos.)
    Sometimes only when you look back at the pictures do you realize just how good a vacation was. Thanks for sharing your pictures with us.

  2. It?s a pleasure, Werner. And you are absolutely right, when I looked at all our photo?s I realised what great sightings we had. It is definitely worth the effort getting up so early in the morning for the game drive! I?ll see if I can?t get hold of those pictures of the black rhino?s?

  3. Excellent shots Rika – especially the Pangolin! Well done Sam. It’s nearly a year since we were at Madikwe but seeing these images brings it all flooding back as if it were yesterday. Would love to see the Black Rhino shots as despite Sam and Johannes’ efforts we did not have the good fortune to see one!

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