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Spot the leopard #1!!!

By Jaco on February 28, 2010

See if you could spot the leopard in this picture?

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If you can’t look at larger picture below and look Closer!!! Click on image to enlarge!!!

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Answer Tomorrow!!!

5 thoughts on “Spot the leopard #1!!!

  1. Margaret sees side on, left, in the rocks. I see facing us, under the tree, right center, on the single rock. We’ll see tomorrow!

    Regards Bryan

  2. Nee wat Jaco. Jy het my. Al luiperd wat ek sien is die een regs van die boom regs van die rotse op die linkerkant van die foto. Ek glo dis n illusie tussen die takke. Sal more kyk waar hy wegkruip.


  3. To the right off centre of the picture… next to the big tree on the first rock plate and it is looking @ you…

    Kings Camp

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