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The Best Place to see Cheetah on Safari

By Madikwe Hills on September 13, 2023

So often all you hear about before coming to Africa on safari is seeing the Big Five – but ours is a continent with thousands of animal species including the tallest and fastest on earth! We think you’d be limiting yourself if all you were hoping to see was lions and elephants, especially since this doesn’t include cheetah – arguably one of the most graceful and memorable sightings you’ll ever have on safari.

Experience a cheetah safari in Madikwe Game Reserve

Nearly all wild cheetahs in the world can be found in sub-Saharan Africa, where they prefer to roam open, grassy plains like those found in Madikwe Game Reserve. It is estimated that a population of only around 7,000 individuals exist, cheetahs being the most threatened of all the big cats in Africa.

Madikwe Game Reserve is home to a handful of cheetahs, both male and females – with populations fluctuating all the time. Although not easy to find, there is a good chance of seeing them on safari at Madikwe Hills. If it’s something on your bucket-list, be sure to let your guide know and they’ll prioritise a sighting during your stay.

The best time to see cheetah on safari

Considering their habitat and penchant for speed, the best option for seeing cheetah on safari is on game drive in a 4×4 vehicle. The dry winter months from April to November are typically considered the best time of year for overall game viewing, however cheetah can be seen throughout the year.

Get to know the cheetahs of Madikwe better with these interesting facts:
  1. Cheetahs are the only big cats that cannot roar.
  2. The cheetah is classified as Vulnerable on the IUCN Red list.
  3. Almost all wild cheetahs are located in sub-Saharan Africa.
  4. Cheetahs are the fastest land animals on earth.
  5. They can only keep up their top speed for a few minutes.
  6. Cheetahs struggle to climb trees.
  7. They have very long tails.
  8. Cheetah are the most timid of the big cats
  9. They hunt mostly during the day
  10. Cheetah are social cats

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