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The Super Pride

By Jaco on June 11, 2010

You might know what it looks like…but do you!!!

From the second I started filming these guys one thing came up in my mind. If we did not have the safety of the car and the respect from the animals for this car…what would you do in this situation.

Here you have 17 hungry mouths to feed and in this picture the most greedy 5 are missing doing things by them selves. One gave birth to 2 possibly more cubs and the real meat eaters are away on patrol (the pride males).

Regardless, this team is formidable and relentless. Have a good look at the Madikwe Super Pride. Now… including the cubs they are 25 strong (according to informants). Imagine that marching down your drive way. I am glad I do not have to sort that out. But some one needs to soon!!!


One thought on “The Super Pride

  1. Great posting! So awesome to also see video on the blog. Thanks so much for sharing!!! Amazing size of that pride.

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