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The Wild Dog Puppies!!!

By Jaco on June 28, 2012

We finally got some video….

One morning we got the privilege to cross the river into private property to see if we could get a glimpse of these incredibly rare creatures, the wild dogs. Not only them but their 1 month old puppies decided to grace us with their presence. We stayed there for hours and got some great footage of an incredibly rare sight….Watch the video below and enjoy!!!


4 thoughts on “The Wild Dog Puppies!!!

  1. How adorable! …"and what big ears you have", Grandmother, said Little Red Riding Hood. 🙂 joy

  2. Thank you Jaco! Wonderful! The pups are very Cute! I agree those are Big Ears! Ha ha! Just loved seeing the wild dogs when we visited in 2010! Are these the same family pack?

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