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We at Madikwe Hills would like to congratulate

By Dwayne on October 9, 2012

Congratulate Don & Kathy Elliot and Ken & Linda Gosnell

Hi all. We at Madikwe Hills would like to congratulate Don & Kathy Elliot and Ken & Linda Gosnell on their Wedding anniversaries this weekend. Don and Kathy were celebrating their 24th on the Saturday and Ken and Linda their big 40th on the Sunday, well done you guys! It is great to see that friends like you, enjoy the bush and are still able to enjoy nature after all your travelling and experiences of game lodges.

On the photo you will see that Ken & Linda is standing on the left and Don & Kathy on the right.
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What can we say, at Madikwe Hills we know how to do the Romantic thing, right? Look at the love still sparkling in those romantic gazes, like the champagne in their glasses!
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Just some memories….
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From the Madikwe Hills Family – Congratulation!!

6 thoughts on “We at Madikwe Hills would like to congratulate

  1. Don & Kathy Elliot and Ken & Linda Gosnell ? Happy Wedding Anniversaries!
    Wow, hope one day it will be me and my husband celebrating such a unique moment in such a perfect place! You all look fantastic; especially the tuxedo touch is phenomenal, what a creativity ? love it!:)
    Best wishes, for many more years to come ? cheers!

  2. We had a very special time at Madikwe
    Hills celebrating both Anniversaries.
    The staff went over and above what I ever expected. We will never forget
    such special memories. Don’t ya just
    love the tux tops!

  3. Ken and I had such a wonderful weekend at Madikwe not only elebrating our 40 years together but also shareing in Don and Kathys special day.
    The staff were excellant and certainly went that extra mile to make the weekend very special.
    The tux top with the bush shorts a unique look thanks guys and special thanks to Dwayne for also wearing one on our evening game drive.
    Most incrediable sighting of the weekend a morning with 23 Wild Dogs – look forward to seeing your photos Dwayne.

  4. Congratulations! What a great way to celebrate! Champagne in the bush! I love it! I aspire to celebrate my 24 year wedding anniversary in the same way! Blessings on you both!

  5. Congratulations great, fun and inspirational achievement. What a fine setting, Madikwe has been on my hit list for a while so now even more motivation to get A into G and book. Wishing you many more and look forward to toasting you next year when we come home for a visit. Paul and Nadia

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