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We were spoiled this last week with the local pried.

By Dwayne on January 20, 2013

I have some nice pics last week of the Lenyala?s and Ketsometci females and there cubs.

What a sun raises, good morning bushveld!

Lets stared off the journey, we set off from the lodge determine to find lions that afternoon! We search left; right we picked up rocks ruled away logs almost turned trees over just to see if we can see lions that day it was like they just disappeared.

After a long search we stopped for drinks and decided that Tholo dam is going to be our last option and it worked we got the young Lenyala male there just relaxing in the sun and hi gave us the perfect pose for photos.

What a way to feel blind for my tracker and myself. On our way back to the lodge, what do we get? We were here not even 40 minutes ago the old big boy just laying on a termite monde and was blest with the last bide of sun for a photo or two.

Mmm the last bid of heat is just hitting the spot!

The next morning we had word that the old Lenyala has joined the females and cubs. We then set off to relocate them and just got there in time to get them all drinking. It was stunning!

Like father like son.

Hi ant heavy, his my Father!!

So just as quickly they appear, just as quickly they can disappear into the long grass like ghosts.

The answer to the privies Blog is a Rock monitor.

So we say good bay like the daily sun will say good bay and ill see you guys on the next blog.

A great bush good bay

Dwayne de Lange
Head ranger
Photos taken by
Dwayne de Lange

6 thoughts on “We were spoiled this last week with the local pried.

  1. Well, so much for my research on small animals in SA! Oh,and I thought it was a mammal..could not enlarge the original pic. 🙂

    Ditto re Sepp! Great pics! Joy

  2. Hi Sepp
    Thanks a lot just trying my best.

    Hey Joy
    Thanks, but don?t worry it was not easy it did blend in so well.

    Guy?s thanks
    And a wonder full bush greetings to you

  3. Awesome shots mate !! Was there in September and seeing these makes us want to come back . . . SOON !!!!

  4. Hi Andy and Karen
    Thanks for the comment we hope to see you guys SOON!!!!

    Bush greetings form us to you.

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