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Where is the leopard?

By Jaco on March 1, 2010

Ok, Ok, I will show you where the leopard is for #1 and #2. Lets see if you were right……

Spot the leopard #1

<%LightBox2(37/Leopard1_copy.jpg|Image Title|Photo Group 1)%>

Spot the leopard #2

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If you got it well done.
If i find another one we can try this little game again. It is good fun!!!

3 thoughts on “Where is the leopard?

  1. One out of two… look forward to seeing it in real life on our next visit to Madikwe! Regards Bryan

  2. WEll Jaco….god enough. But you are just making it more difficult for yourself when we show up in Augsut this year…wlid dogs, leopard…just keep on adding more of those animals to the show list……

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