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Wild Dog Pack

By Pieter on December 30, 2008

New developments in the wild dog pack of Madikwe.

About a month ago the Dwarsberg Wild Dog pack, consisting of 21 members, decided to split off into two different packs. The smaller pack headed towards the northern boundary of the park and the other bigger pack towards the southern boundary. As luck would have it, the small pack met up with the last surviving member of the Collection pack (the alpha male). They immediately bonded and are now running together in the north eastern part of Madikwe.

Here we found the new split off pack on one afternoon drive chasing a herd of impala. In the commotion a impala lamb was singled out, killed and devoured. Within seconds everything was gone, the only thing indicating that there was a kill in the area was the blood stained faces of the four dogs.

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