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Wild dog pups

By Werner on July 11, 2009

A few more pictures of our newest editions to the wild dog family.

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What a great privilege to be able to see the young of one the most endangered species in South Africa. Shortly after these pictures were taken they moved den again. We’re hoping the next den would be as assessable to us as this one was.

5 thoughts on “Wild dog pups

  1. Yes Werner, it’s a very great Privil?ge to see Little Wild Dogs…Your pictures are very beautiful…I am a little jalous!!!
    Warm regards from France to Adrienne,Hennie, Jaco and all the staff of Madikwe Hills…

  2. It was wonderful to see wild dog pups last November. So glad more are being born and populating the pack.

  3. Great pics. Hope they will all still be there, grown and thriving, when we visit with you at the end of the year.

  4. Very lucky indeed. My husband and I visited Madikwe Hills 4 years in a row (we got married there in 2006) but we not lucky enough to see the dogs. Send love to Hennie and Adrienne and all the staff, Sam and Vic eespecially. Cheers Cheryl and Brian Macaulay

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