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Wild Dogs On The Hunt

By Greg on July 17, 2013

Yesterday afternoon the guests at Madikwe Hill where very lucky to witness the Wild Dogs making a kill of an adult Water Buck Cow on the eastern fence line. We had been following the dogs for some distance, They where approaching an area they often made kills in, The wild dogs where off losing them in a thicket we decide to move back to the fence line just in case they moved back on to the fence line and carried on their way South.

A few minutes went by and they never came out worried that we had lost them, We notice the fence line shake hard and the grown of an animal been taken down, we knew strait away that the Wild dogs had got something, we turned around and headed about 50 meters up the fence back North to find the wild dogs trying to take down a Water Buck cow, on a few meters from our Game viewer. 14 Wild dogs managed to take down the water buck and started to feed.

This was truly an amazing sighting for all.

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