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Zebra Kill At Madikwe Hills

By Jaco on November 16, 2008

This happened right in front of the lodge. And all on video!!!

While having lunch one day, guests looked up to see a lioness stalking some zebra at the water hole in front of the lodge. Then it happened and the youngster had no chance to escape her hunger. This footage was captured by Zack, a guest at that time at the lodge. Well done Zack, a one in a million chance well taken.


6 thoughts on “Zebra Kill At Madikwe Hills

  1. Jaco, this is a brilliant video clip! Thanks for sharing it with us and congratulations to Zack for capturing this rare piece of footage. While sad, I guess it is the circle of life/death…

  2. Awesome, awesome, awesome! Well done Zack on being there at the PERFECT MOMENT. Bummer that the boulder blocked part of the view.

  3. Jaco, we have been waiting for this clip since we arrived back home.It is great to see it again and to show our friends an experience of a lifetime. Well done Zack.

  4. hi jaco its melissa remember me from october its great to see it again its quite funny hering all the sounds again i miss south africa alot byeee!

  5. Jaco, I kept meaning to look at this video but I never got round to it. I’m Joe, Zak’s younger brother, who was with him at the time. The thing i find very comical is that my dad missed the whole thing as he was having a massage! I hope to come back to Madikwe Hills, Joe

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