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A few of this weeks sightings

By Werner on May 1, 2009

We’ve been lucky with a few very good lion sightings this past week. The wild dogs and even the lone cheetah male made a couple of appearances. Elephant are again spotted daily at the camp’s waterhole due to the winter at hand and the declining amount of water in the bush.

<%LightBox2(38/Feeding_Wild_Dogs.jpg|Image Title|Photo Group 1)%> <%LightBox2(38/Lioness3697.jpg|Lioness|Photo Group 1)%> <%LightBox2(38/Giraffe3674.jpg|Giraffes|Photo Group 1)%> <%LightBox2(38/Baby_ellie_001.jpg|baby elephant|Photo Group 1)%> <%LightBox2(38/Early_morning_elephant.jpg|Elephant|Photo Group 1)%> <%LightBox2(38/Naledi3708.jpg|Male lion-Flehmen responce 2|Photo Group 1)%> <%LightBox2(38/Naledi_brothers.jpg|Male coalition|Photo Group 1)%> <%LightBox2(38/White_Rhino_close_up.jpg|White rhino|Photo Group 1)%> <%LightBox2(38/Zebra3686.jpg|Late afternoon Zebra|Photo Group 1)%> <%LightBox2(38/Cheetah_male.jpg|Male Cheetah|Photo Group 1)%>

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