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A rear sighting for all

By Greg on June 20, 2013

The pangolin being one of the most rear species of the African bush, we were lucky enough to be able to view one of these magical animals.
The pangolin is a resident to the savanna, where they would live under dense cover or burrows. The Pangolin also likes an area where water and termites or soft bodied insects maybe found. The Pangolin has no teeth, using its claws and snout to dig up its food, using its long stick tongue to assist in catching its food.

One of the main features of the Pangolin is it scaly looking body, which helps them protect themselves when threatened or under stress, the pangolin will roll its self into a tight ball the scales are very sharp and can cause a lot of damage. It also uses its anal secretor, to emit unpleasant smelling acid, just like skunks.

This was truly an amazing sighting not only for the guest but for all the Rangers of Madikwe

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