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The four boys

By Dwayne on June 19, 2013

Like most of you guys know, we introduced 6 male Cheetahs to Madikwe in the past year.

First of the two were released in January 2013.

Secondly the other four boys in Feb 2013, sadly to say that it looks like we lost one of the first two males already. We are not sure if he was killed by lions or somewhat other predator, as a matter of fact we don’t know if he and his brother just broke up their collision and he is moving around in the south, (the blocks in-between roads are big there). This is what I hope for that we may see him in the future laying next to or on a road.

I have to say that these four brothers make us work; they don’t make it easy at all I have to say.
Let me tell you about a 5 hour drive we had to do to get these photos.
We heard over the radio that morning that the guides down south had picked them up on a young Wildebees kill. I had a chat with Samuel and we decided that we will leave at 14h00 that afternoon. We had no cheekiness, that day I discussed it with my guests. Everyone was up for it and so we left the lodge at 14h07, like you all know there is always one……..
So we set off, there was nothing that is going to stop us going to see the boys. Ok maybe a leopard in a tree but then it needs to be on our root that we were driving. I don’t think that there were more determined people like us that wanted to see these Cheetahs that afternoon.
After about 1hour and 40 minutes, “and there he was”! A collard male, we had to have a look around to make sure he wasn’t alone. But there we saw another non-collard male walking straight past us, we were the only ones there in the sighting, Jacques was on his way but still 15 mintes out. We followed the two out to a water hole, not long after the other two males came out of the bush and joined them at the water hole.
We spend about 45-50 minutes with them…… Wow!

The collard male

The one who walked passed us

The two late comers

We had one at the water hole



The fourth one was drinking alone. It was a real treat to see them.

Hi Jacque hope your guest enjoyed it just as much as I did.

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