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A sighting of a life time !!!

By Greg on September 19, 2012

A sighting that our guest of Madikwe Hills would never forget, as it maybe their first and last one they may ever see.

Still early morning a call got called over the radio that the wild dogs where moving down our eastern fence line towards the south. I Spoke to Lebo my tracker and responded to the sighting immediately, due to the dogs having pup?s there were a lot of mouths to feed and a good chance to view a kill. When we got to the sighting we found that the wild dogs where highly mobile alone the fence line.

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Lebo soon pointed out to the guests and myself a small heard of female water buck not far off the fence line. A few seconds later 3 of the dogs had see the water bucks and the chase was on.

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With the rest of the dogs following. Trying to cut off the water buck by pushing them alone the fence line back up north from where the dogs had just come from.
We quick turned around and followed up try keep up with the dogs as they were closing in on one of the younger water buck cows, and managing to bring the cow down alone side the fence line.

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Like we know with wild dogs when their tummies are full, after a big chase and kill. They would spend the rest of their day time resting, with some of the adults returning to the den to feed the pups.

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Chat to you all soon!!!


Photos by: Greg Toplis

2 thoughts on “A sighting of a life time !!!

  1. A sighting I will never forget. What a way to end a fantastic weekend. Thanks to Greg our ranger and his tracker Lebo. Hope to see you soon

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