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My first drive in Madikwe

By Dwayne on September 19, 2012

Good day all

As we all know Madikwe is a big game reserve and you as a guide can?t just jump in and drive. First, you need to learn the roads and that is what I have done. My first drive was with Greg Toplis, no, we weren?t TOPLIS, he?s surname is Toplis. Let?s get back to the topic, after meeting all the lovely guests on the game viewer, we set off for the drive. There was a call on the radio of a female lion busy eating on a Wildebees carcass at Tlou dam. So we made our way to the dam to see what we could see.
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She was really enjoying her meal and after a while off we then realized the movement in between the trees of a large herd of Buffalo?s coming down to the dam to have a drink.
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We tried to position ourself on the dam wall to have a better view of the buffalo, just to be surprised once again, a breeding herd of Elephants made their way down to the dam.
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Wow! Three of the Big 5 – at one dam – at the same time! Definitely not an ordinary every day?s occurrence to see them all in one sighting.

Till next time
Photos taken by Dwayne de Lange

3 thoughts on “My first drive in Madikwe

  1. What a great first drive. Sitting in the UK waiitng for winter really makes me think " a bad day in the bush beats a good day in the office". Only 100 days until we get back to SA and then MH again. Keep the photos coming please

  2. Hi David and Ruth thanks for the Comment we at Madikwe Hills are looking forward to see you guys.
    And I?ll keep the photos coming. It is my privileged to shearer them with you guys.

    Good day Debbie yes it was a good day to see all of that we were blest.

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