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Another Fantastic Trip… Bryan Mulligan

By bmulligan on October 19, 2008

Another fantastic trip to Madikwe. Thanks to Werner and Sam for the wonderful sightings…

Great lion sightings, cute cubs, perfect light for photography. Could not have been better…

<%LightBox2(52/IMG_0074.jpg|White Rhino|Photo Group 1)%>

<%LightBox2(52/IMG_0092.jpg|Staring at Sam|Photo Group 1)%>

<%LightBox2(52/IMG_0127E.jpg|Lion cubs|Photo Group 1)%>

<%LightBox2(52/IMG_0150E.jpg|Big yawn in the morning|Photo Group 1)%>

<%LightBox2(52/IMG_0247.jpg|Brothers|Photo Group 1)%>

<%LightBox2(52/IMG_0287E.jpg|Hyena den at night|Photo Group 1)%>

<%LightBox2(52/IMG_0317E.jpg|Reflections|Photo Group 1)%>

<%LightBox2(52/IMG_9942.jpg|Perfect sun for photograph|Photo Group 1)%>

<%LightBox2(52/IMG_9915.jpg|Eating flowers|Photo Group 1)%>

<%LightBox2(52/IMG_9971E.jpg|Sweet water|Photo Group 1)%>

2 thoughts on “Another Fantastic Trip… Bryan Mulligan

  1. Bryan, congratulations on a perfect first post on the weblog and thanks for taking the time to share your fantastic images of your experience at Madikwe Hills with everyone.
    We hope to see more from you in the future.

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