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Black Rhino Cow and Calf

By Pieter on October 20, 2008

One of the animals that makes a game drive very special!

This black rhino cow and her young calf approached us from quite a distance but because we were down wind from them, she did not know about us. As she got closer, she froze just as she saw us and immediately got aggressive towards the vehicle. After 2 mock charges, she decided to lead her calf away from us towards safety.

<%LightBox2(27/Black_Rhino_cow_and_calf/DPP_0083.JPG|Black Rhino with youngster|Photo Group 1)%><%LightBox2(27/Black_Rhino_cow_and_calf/DPP_0084.JPG|Black Rhino Charging|Photo Group 1)%>

One thought on “Black Rhino Cow and Calf

  1. Not easy to get photo’s of the black Rhino. Nicely done. Their posture says it all!!They might be smaller than the White Rhino, but i think we all know which one we do not want to walk in to on a bad day.

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