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another week has pass

By Dwayne on October 1, 2012

Hi all another week has pass.
Hope you all are well.(part.1)

I would just like to say again Congratulation to Michael Kritzinger & Jane Lyne on their engagement last week. So, let??s get to the Animals: It was a busy week last week from the northern side to the south side and from east to west.

We had a good start with an amazing Black Rhino that got so close, it got some of the Guests?? neck hair standing upright, I mean it was close! Even Samuel, my Tracker, got his feet up on to the Bull bar!!!
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We then got the territorial male lions of our area, called the Lenyalas, a young male and his cousin about 2 years older than him.
<%LightBox2(1533/039.JPG|Image Title|Photo Group 1)%>
He is a beautiful male.
<%LightBox2(1533/065.JPG|Image Title|Photo Group 1)%>

One of the afternoons we got a herd of Elephants at Tlou dam having a late afternoon drink and the light was just right.
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We were surprised by a Brown Hyena who also came for a drink. I was so excited to see how relaxed she was and that she was not worried about us at all.
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Here we can see a good example of how Elephants like to play with the water before drinking it. ??You wouldn??t say that we need rain, if you are looking at the rate that they are playing with their drinking water.?
<%LightBox2(1533/088.JPG|Image Title|Photo Group 1)%>

I have to say, that we do get the best sundowners in the world.
<%LightBox2(1533/103.JPG|Image Title|Photo Group 1)%>

What a start to a morning?! A mother overlooking her cubs playing: Only a mother will tolerate the playfulness of young ones this early in the morning.
<%LightBox2(1533/108.JPG|Image Title|Photo Group 1)%>

Hold on is it a plane no! It??s a bird no! It is super cub!!!!!
<%LightBox2(1533/111.JPG|Image Title|Photo Group 1)%>

It is so beautiful to see that the moms also join in on the fun for a bit.
<%LightBox2(1533/117.JPG|Image Title|Photo Group 1)%>

Samuel you need to sit still she looks hungry!!
<%LightBox2(1533/129.JPG|Image Title|Photo Group 1)%>

Ag, we don??t always just get Black Rhinos but White ones too.
<%LightBox2(1533/146.JPG|Image Title|Photo Group 1)%>

Sorry and just around another corner in the bush, what do we see? Jip!!! Three Black Rhinos. Can you believe it?
<%LightBox2(1533/148.JPG|Image Title|Photo Group 1)%>

I have some pics for the guys who saw the pups when they were small.
<%LightBox2(1533/159.JPG|Image Title|Photo Group 1)%><%LightBox2(1533/174.JPG|Image Title|Photo Group 1)%><%LightBox2(1533/182.JPG|Image Title|Photo Group 1)%><%LightBox2(1533/187.JPG|Image Title|Photo Group 1)%>

End of Part 1.

3 thoughts on “another week has pass

  1. Wow. Great pictures. We saw the Wild Dog Pups in July. They have really grown. Thanks for keeping us updated

  2. Unbeievable pic’s and loved reading the story ;ine, thanks Dwayne! Have a good day and great weekend. I loved my recent visit it was so special, regards to Hannes.

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