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Good afternoon all I have passed my first week

By Dwayne on September 24, 2012

I have to say thanks to a great team

Without you guys it most probably would have been difficult. Thanks guys Madikwe Hills Staff Rocks!!!!

I would like to share with you a couple of photos that I had the opportunity off taking while I was on drive this week. Same you may have seen on a posting before.

This was taken in the morning at Tshukudu Dam not far from the lodge.
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This was on a morning drive for safety reasons I can?t reveal the location.
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If my mom can I can to as long if she is not far away.
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What can we say a relaxing sundowner and a beautiful sunset after a great afternoons game viewing.
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After tracking this young male?s track for at least 4.5 km we got him having breakfast at Tholo dam.
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We then saw that he joined up with his cousin. They form the coalition of males in our area.
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We will chat again soon
Photos taken by Dwayne de Lange.

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