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CameraTrap in action

By Greg on May 29, 2013

With winter time approaching you can start to see many more species coming through to the water hole at the lodge, as all the little water pans and wallows in the bush have dried up, our water whole at the lodge during the day we can find some of the following species like Baboons, Kudu, Impala, Zebra, Warthogs and many more species coming to have a drink. O yes and don’t forget the breeding herds of elephants that make frequent visits to the lodge at this time of the year.
Here are some more amazing pictures our camera trap has taken, over the last couple of days.

Whilst at dinner time when having dinner under the stars you may also have some activity at the water hole with herds of buffalo coming to visit.

Keep an eye out for some more amazing pictres from our camera trap!!!

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