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Cheetahs are back!!!

By Dwayne on October 25, 2012

A new sun brakes the horizon in Madikwe so does a new life begins for two Cheetahs
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It is so good to see them back in the park.
Our first Cheetah coalition, are now in the boma. It is so cool to see the two boys, but it will be better to see them outside the boma.
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For the photos that will be posted on the blog we can name them, so for time being we can call them.

Scar nose; because of the scars around the nose area.
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And he would be called Pretty boy.
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Pls. do remember that the names I gave them are only there blog names. It is just so that you guys can follow their progress and know who I am revering to.

Bush regards to all
Photos taken by Dwayne de Lange

4 thoughts on “Cheetahs are back!!!

  1. So glad to see that cheetahs are back on Madikwe. It creates even more excitement for our return visit in October 2013.

  2. Bush greetings
    Hi Bill
    It is a wow and just cont wait to see you guys. Hope the time will fly like it did this year.

    Morning Sepp
    It is awesome, there are in total 8 Cheetahs that will be reintroduce in to the park.

    Bush regards

  3. I hope there are not too many lions.
    Then they haven’t a big chance to survive.
    I wish the best for all the released cheetahs, they are
    so beautiful. It was a shame that I was there in June 2012 and there were no cheetahs in the park.
    Thanks for releasing.

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