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Third one of my Guiding career!!!

By Dwayne on October 25, 2012

I don?t need to say more.

This morning was a winner. Just to see this specie that we have seen is a onetime experience for our guests. I have to say that all the Guides that were out on drive this morning, got the opportunity to see this beauty. This little guy got the whole of Madikwe on the radio and we had Guides from the South and the West coming for this Pangolin. Yes, your eyes are not playing games with you – it is a Pangolin!

Enjoy the photos ?.
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Bush greetings
Photos taken by Dwayne de Lange

5 thoughts on “Third one of my Guiding career!!!

  1. Bush greetings

    Morning Ken
    Thanks Ken, but I have to give the glory to Nyati a ranger from another lodge that spotted this one. I have to say it was Fantastic.

    Hi Julie
    Thanks, it is a one out of a million one this sighting.

    Bush regards

  2. Greetings from Jo’burg Dwayne – was this only 24 hrs ago? Wasn’t it brilliant? And guess what, when the plane banked heavily to the left as we took off; there were the lionesses basking in the sunlight. Tell Samuel we will become trackers too!

  3. A bush greeting to the Downie Family

    Good to see you on the blog. Yes this was the Sighting the photos came out beautiful.
    John ill let Samuel know that you guys will become trackers to.
    Send my love and regards to Katty and Tom.

    Bush regards

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