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Great Sightings

By Jaco on October 21, 2009

Memorable times in a transformed landscape…

Since the last blog things have been very busy here in Madikwe. Not only for us but also for nature as a whole. The first bit of rains we had went a very long way to kickstart the bush into its summer dress. Dull, gray bush have subsided to lush greenery and splenderous colour. Every where you look there are flowers and fresh new green leaves appearing. The behaviour of all the animals have canged as well. All are more playfull and active and enjoying life to the max. The first babies of the season also appeared. Tiny little elephants, red hartebeest, Black Backed Jakkal, lions and zebra are all running around. Now we only wait for the big rush of impala and wildebeest youngsters to come.

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The real treat we had was the other day at an area we call Vleipan. There was lions everywhere and coming closer we realized that we came upon a fresh kill.

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Some where eating and some where sleeping and just before sunset the fun started. A lone elephant bull started to approach the water and came close to the lions without even looking at them twice. That was two out of five in one place. Later on a big rhino bull approached the water and was in a great hurry. He chased two lions away from the water and dived in head first to take a good old mud bath. Another young male lion was watching the show and after a while he just couldn’t help himself. As the rhino was still wallowing he slowly got up and sneaked closer to the rhino. Being in absolute bliss the rhino never realised until the youn male jumped onto his back and of again. The rhino got a huge fright and jumped up and swung around, the lion by that time long gone. He just stood there looking at this lion, now back in his previous position, trying to figure out what on earth just happened. We where all busting with laughter at the antics of this young male lion and the obvious confusion of the rhino. They really made our day.

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O… by the way, that was three out of five at one water hole!!!

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8 thoughts on “Great Sightings

  1. Beautiful, Awesome pictures. We will be
    visiting Africa for trip #7 on 7-2010.
    We will be spending 12 days at the Sabi
    Sands Game Reserve. Hope we have the
    privilege of experiencing sightings like
    you have. Thanks for sharing the photos
    with us. We always look forward to your

  2. Really great, what we see here. We enjoy every single report, but this one is super…both the pictures and the story

  3. Hi, we were there on August 2007 and Gary and Victor show us many many beautiful unforgetable scenes. Thanks so much for share yours with all of us. Madikwe is the geografic place, the wild life of course and the fantastic team. We were looky to know the crew and now, through your photos and rapports, we live again those wonderful days. Thanks again.
    Juan and Carme – Barcelona – Spain

  4. Jaco,
    I love your photos. Almost feels like being there again. I would have loved to see the Rhino & Lion encounter. We were at Madikwe just a few months ago & it was very cold then, but we had a great time. I wish I could see some of the greenery you talk about. Do you have one of a Gardenia tree that you could post?

  5. Hi Jaco, Your pictures are very beautiful, and comments give us a very great longing to come again at Madikwe Hills…

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