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Honey Badger

By Vicky R on July 1, 2008

Who would have thought that the first badger I saw would be a Honey Badger in South Africa?!…

I had read about the Honey Badger and hoped that we would see one whilst at Madikwe Hills. One evening when we were sitting around the fire Sam our ranger came and told me that a Honey Badger had been spotted in the grounds of the lodge. I was thrilled to see the badger through the window of the main lodge building! The photo came out pretty well considering it was at night and through the window! You can even see the reflection of the lightshade in the shot. A big thanks to Sam for my first badger sighting ever!

<%LightBox2(34/Honey_Badger.jpg|Honey Badger|Photo Group 1)%>

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