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In between all the babies

By Dwayne on January 13, 2013

This week so far it was a mad house full of babies from elephants, lions and wildebeest. As well as watching an elephant couple doing the deed (if I am aloud to say that).

Well let’s start this week off with this old big one.

We were driving down the road minding our own business and in the distance Samuel spotted an object on the road. So we waited for him on the road, I then thought to myself: Wow, he is big! And he is on the road; we are also on the same road?

Not to stress myself out, purely because he is so big! “Did I just type that?” What I meant was: not to stress my guest out, let us rather move off the road. It will be the right thing to do; although he is so big, he was also so relaxed. I had a quick chat with everyone on the vehicle. We moved off the road and we experienced the tranquility of this huge animal in his own environment. Breathtaking!!

This was a sight to see! It was just a pity that the vehicles before us have upset the one mother and she did not like us being there. So, unfortunately it was a short, however beautiful sighting. Sorry old Girl!

On the subject of lions: I have to say, this is a dam wall I would not like to tread on!

Still with babies, just look at this little guy, most probably just over a month old. He just did not want to be far from his mommy.

We are holding thumbs for you and your family that 2013 is the year that we will make a breakthrough to stop Rhino poaching!

In my 14 years of guiding, this is the first time ever that I took a photo of a dung beetle rolling his ball. (To my opinion, it is actually very sad how we, who lives in the bush, take the little things like this for granted.)

These two guys gave us a good show: swinging their necks, as if, especially just for us and then the one just walk over to the right side for a photo. You can’t but love it when these creatures are not camera shy!

Who is hiding were in this photo? If you know, let me know on a comment. The answer would follow in the next blog.

The next morning we got surprised by these Spotted Hyenas. Fortunately for us, the light was just right.

On the Madikwe plains we got this collard Black back Jackal. There were Springbok, Zebra and Wildebeest with a lot of babies too.

A lovely Carmine Bee-eater. Not a bird that we see every day; they are normally sited in the northern part of the reserve.

On this beautiful bird note, we are ending this blog off with another spectacular sunset photo.

Bush greetings
Dwayne de Lange
Head ranger
Photos taken by
Dwayne de Lange

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