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It is time to think. What is it?

By Dwayne on September 11, 2013

Hi, hope all is well.

It has been a while since we last had a chat.

I think we need to start it off with a little trick question. Jip! Let’s get the brain into thinking mode. The way it will work is, I’ll show you a photo of something, give you three options and without looking at the last photo you must guess what it is. Let’s see how sharp your bush eyes are. Don’t worry if you don’t get it, maybe it just means that you need to come and visit us at the Lodge again. It would feel just like a family reunion.
Ok so here it goes…

So we can see it is a foot.
I am going to give you three options

Ok so now let’s think is it 1… maybe 3 or could it be 2. Hold on now I need to have a look again “just pulling your leg” of course…I know the answer I think so…? Well let’s have a look at the answer.
Hope you haven’t cheated!!

Don’t peek now!!

Of course it’s a Cheetah!
Why do I say so?
Ok let’s have a look closely. If you have a look at the back pad you will see that cats have three lobes and dogs only have two. Cheetahs are the only cat, as an adult that cannot retract their claws. This helps them keep traction when running. And one less thing they need to concentrate on at that high speed.

A Bush goodbye for now…
Dwayne de Lange
Head Ranger

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