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The new Wild dog pups.

By Dwayne on September 11, 2013

Greg had a blog a couple of weeks ago, so here is a update.

Like you all know the big and the small pack of dogs have pups. We at Hills only had the opportunity to see the big packs pups so far. We all are hoping to see the small packs’ pups soon.

I have a couple of photos I like to share with you all.

As you can see on the last photo there are only 6 pups we had 8. One morning about a week or so ago, the local lion prides tracks were seen going to the direction of the wild dog den. The guys relocated the lions; there were two females and 8-cubs/sub-adults.
We were lucky to only lose 2 pups and not all of them. We will keep you up to date, on what’s happening with the wild dog pups.

A Bush goodbye for now…
Dwayne de Lange
Head Ranger

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