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Lion Antics!!!

By Jaco on February 2, 2009

Brother vs Big Brother

Little brother decided to try and eat big brothers head…Who doesn’t care.

<%LightBox2(37/2009/Feb/IMG_0149.JPG|Trying to eat big brothers head|Photo Group 1)%>

Then getting bored, he just lied down on big brother’s head…Who doesn’t care.

<%LightBox2(37/2009/Feb/IMG_0156.JPG|Smothering Big Brother|Photo Group 1)%>

Unable to breath, big brother starts to care…a little.
<%LightBox2(37/2009/Feb/IMG_0159.JPG|Big brother has to breath|Photo Group 1)%>

Big brother then decides to turn the tables on little brother…

<%LightBox2(37/2009/Feb/IMG_0220.JPG|Big brother revenge|Photo Group 1)%>

Until Dad had enough!!!
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