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Lions and then some!!!!

By Jacques on May 25, 2009

We have had great Lion sightings on a day to day basis. The prides are strong and the cubs are getting alot of food. The two males are still strong and defending there pride from other males that may want to take over in the future.
We have also had good sightings of Elephants, Rhinos and even two Leopards this week. The bush is getting more open by the day and sightings just better!

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3 thoughts on “Lions and then some!!!!

  1. Hi Jacques,it’s Lucy! I can’t beileve you saw lepoards!!! That was the one animal i really wanted to see!! How is Victor??? Bye!!

  2. Hi Jacques, i love those photos that you have taken! is that the same cubs that we saw? if they are then they are getting big! i wish i had seen the leopard! was the sighting at leopard rock? love from Megan x

  3. Hi you two. Myself and Victor is doing well! It is the same cubs that you saw and they are growing bigger and bigger everyday!!! I wish I could have shown the Leopard to you too. It was in the western part of the park where we saw it. It was hi up on the hill. We were having a drinks break when we looked with the binos it was just lying on a rock and viewing the sun going down.
    Miss you! Hope you are doing well and studying hard.
    Love Jacques and Victor.

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